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A Place Where You Fit In

We strive to make practicing yoga accessible to everyone. Yoga Lounge Montreal offers a range of classes in order to welcome all levels and purposes of practicing yoga. Whether you would like to gain strength, flexibility, inner tranquility or clarity to your day-to-day life, we offer inspiring classes that will enhance your lifestyle. 

Strength & Conditioning

With our classes, we can help you build lean muscle mass, strengthen your joints and shed undesired fat. You’ll soon discover a more powerful physique and attractive shape that gets you noticed in your day-to-day life.

  • Bringing inner tranquility
  • Learn breathing methods to reduce stress
  • Enjoy Greater Mobility
  • Improve Balance (Grounding)
  • Perfect Your Posture
  • Help Counteract Aging
Our Family

Yoga Lounge Montreal Family come from different backgrounds and cultures, yet share a common goal: supporting your voyage toward newfound well-being.


  • Strengthen Muscles & Joints
  • Improve Energy & Vitality
  • Increase Blood Flow
  • Create a Leaner & More Powerful You
Relaxation & Restoration

Since tension and stress can affect your overall well-being, our teachers will help you bring clarity and relaxation to your daily life. Our mission is to foster a greater sense of focus, inner strength, tranquility and mental clarity.


The community at Yoga Lounge Montreal includes individuals from all walks of life who enjoy the supportive environment of our dedicated and compassionate staff.  Our mission is to help you through the magic of Yoga.

Well-Being Comes from Within

At Yoga Lounge Montreal, we believe the ability to achieve a greater state of well-being exists within each and every one of us. Our mission here is to help the individual focus their energy and move forward toward new heights of strength, flexibility and mental clarity. We are open and accepting of people from all walks of life. And we hope to see you soon.

Flexibility & Well-Being

Our studio offers both time-tested practices and new-age methodologies. Instructors can help you gain a new level of health and flexibility, which in turn helps increase mobility and lets you get the most from your lifestyle and favorite activities.

Our Studio

You will feel at home in our facility, which we have designed to be comfortable and effective with an array of modern amenities.