Personalized service

Private Yoga

At all times, Yoga Lounge Montréal has your well-being at heart. We have created a true serenity center by offering our members different types of yoga classes. Private lessons are an opportunity to deepen your practice, giving you the tools you need to practice at home and at the studio.

Ideal for:

  • Develop a personal home practice for when your time is limited 
  • and does not give you the opportinity to attend group classes.
  • Meditation and stress management.
  • Therapeutic yoga for injuries or certain medical conditions.
  • A dynamic approach for sports teams and/or athletes.
  • Deepen your knowledge and master the postures of your choice.

For more information, you may contact one of our Yoga instructors.

Christine Gagnon (450) 704-7091
Geneviève Branccacio  (514) 608-5830
Mélissa Hernandez
Vanessa Shakti