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In my early 20's my ambition was to become a successful athlete. While training to achieve my goal, I got severely injured and unable to move and walk. At this time, I was diagnosed with degenerative back problems. The only solutions doctors had that could help soothe the pain were all types of pills, cortisone and injections. I knew that nutrition could cure me. That is why I enrolled in the naturopath school. To not only help myself, but also people like me who want to take a healthy life decision for themselves. Today my symptoms have disappeared along with the pain, I can walk and train as before. Surprised by the power of the body to heal itself, I decided to share my knowledge with you by bringing you support, assistance and education.

The essence of naturopathy is to give your body the change to heal itself naturally through nutrition by eliminating toxins. Having himself lived through this process of natural healing, Matthew decides to share with you his knowledge by bringing you support and education.

Matthew Binetti - Naturopath

​Sabrina Sorenti - Reiki Practioner

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Sabrina joined the Yoga lounge Montreal team in November 2016 as the Energy Therapy Practitioner. Every month she host a full moon guided meditation, where she discusses the energies of the up coming month and shares a reiki blessing with each individual.  ​ 

About Matthew Binetti

About Sabrina Sorenti 
Sabrina journey started over a decade ago when she first learnt reiki. Over the years she has taken a variety of trainings and workshops to add to her tool box of healing modalities, making her approach truly unique. Today Sabrina is a reiki master, a crystal resonance therapist, as well as a never ending student of astro-numerology and shamanic healing. She facilitates workshops and group mediations, and has her own line of holistic jewelry. “My purpose here is to help people find deeper wellbeing threw energy therapy. To help them find their inner compass & personal power so that they can make the choices to live a fulfilled life full of love and joy.”